Business DNA

Business DNA believes that an organisation has a DNA similar to that of any other component in the universe. The DNA of the organisation will determine how it will treat its stakeholders and respond to the environment.

The mission of Business DNA is to, by means of a range of research processes 'drill' into the DNA of the organisation, to identify those elements that could enhance or hamper its potential to grow and prosper and recommend interventions and present training courses and advice that will leverage its strengths and address problem areas.

Diadnose to direct your efforts

If you measure it you can manage it.

In your role you need to know how well you are attending to business critical issues. It is imperative to know whether or not you attain the expectations of your stakeholders. Busines DNA will diagnose how effective your current interventions are and assist you to use the diagnostics to develop a roll-out plan to achieve the results your business requires from your function.

The diagnostic report we provide will form the basis of your strategy and will enable you to track the impact of your interventions.

We customise the diagnostic tools to your environment, time frame and budget.

Strategise and focus

In essence ‘strategise’ refers to a plan to conquer an enemy. The enemy of sustainable business is unproductive and unsafe behaviour and disengaged stakeholders.

The strategic planning process that Business DNA applies will leave you with a team that understands and buys into a plan that will focus the way it allocate its resources and enable team members to track their impact on business critical aspects.

Develop soft skills

Soft skills have a significant impact on the achievement of production and financial targets. Ineffective communication among teams and poor quality service have resulted in many missed targets and safety incidents.

Based on nearly 30 years’ experience in organisation research and consulting, we have developed two flagship programmes. The Communicating Leader’s Toolkit empowers leaders on all levels to optimise the communication time they have with their teams. Project Bottom Line, a programme developed to put an upward bottom line (smile) on customers’ faces. This programme not only develops the customer service skills of all employees, it also leaves the organisation with a diagnostic tool to measure the quality of customer service in an easy and reliable manner.

Saving your time and ensuring quality

As a group of experienced specialists we work with you on all the phases of the project – from diagnostics, to strategic planning, to the production of the media and messages that will engage and empower your stakeholders.

UrbanCrew Creative Communications, our media partner provides fresh and innovative aligned media.

We assisted a newly built mine to establish a unique high performance culture using a range of printed, electronic, interactive, outdoor and opportunistic media. Our involvement in the development of the strategy ensured that the media and the messaging were seamlessly aligned with the stakeholders’ needs and the available resources.